Ingredients 2 oz. Natural pineapple in cubes 1 oz. orange juice 1 oz. Mezcal Santo Gusano 1 ¼ oz agave honey Garnish: Sliced pineapple with Piquin chili powder Steps Macerate all solid ingredients. Pour the mix into the mixing glass, add the mezcal and shake vigorously. Pour into the glass with ice frosted with the […]


1 oz sparkling wine, or rosé wine 1/2 oz orange juice 1 oz Mezcal Santo Gusano 10 g Maraschino cherries Steps Previously chill a champagne glass with ice cubes, remove the ice cubes and add the ingredients in order: orange juice, mezcal Santo Gusano, sparkling wine; at the end, add the maraschino cherries; stir subtly […]


INGREDIENTS:  1¼ oz mezcal Santo Gusano¼ pc. of poblano chili 1¼ oz agave honey1 oz lime juicePoblano chili sliceSal de gusano (Worm salt)SaltIce STEPS:  1.- Macerate poblano chili with lime juice.2.- Strain the macerated ingredients into a mixing glass, add 6 ice cubes, agave honey and mezcal Santo Gusano. Shake vigorously.3.- Frost a glass, half […]


INGREDIENTS:  1 ½ oz mezcal Santo Gusano2 oz lemon soda1 oz orange juice3 oz grape juice¼ Orange Slice of lemonCherryIce STEPS: 1.- In a glass with ice to the top, add lemon soda, orange juice and mezcal Santo Gusano.2.- Pour grape juice in the form of a floating layer.3.- Garnish with a slice of lemon […]


INGREDIENTS:  1 ¼ oz mezcal Santo Gusano1 oz  lime juice1 oz Jamaica syrup1 oz agave honey½ oz liquid chamoy6 oz icePiquin chiliJamaica flower STEPS:  1.- Blend lime juice, Jamaica syrup, agave honey, ice and mezcal Santo Gusano.  2.- Pour the mix into a glass.3.- Garnish with a spiral of liquid chamoy over the mix, sprinkle […]


INGREDIENTS:  1¼ oz de mezcal Santo Gusano ¼ de aguacate ½ oz de jugo de limón 1 oz de piña 1 oz de licor de Damiana ½ oz de miel de agave Hoja de piña Rebanada de aguacate Sal de gusano Hielo STEPS: 1.- Macerar aguacate, jugo de limón, piña y miel de agave. 2.- […]


Ingredients 2 oz. Mango Pulp 4 basil leaves 1 oz. Agave honey 1 ¼ oz. Mezcal Santo Gusano ½ oz. Licor 43. Garnish: Carambola Steps 1.- Macerate all solid ingredients. 2.- Pour the mix into the mixing glass, add the mezcal and stir vigorously. 3.- Pour into the glass with frosted ice with the piquin […]


INGREDIENTS: 1.5 oz Santo Gusano Joven Mezcal .5 oz lemon juice 2 slices of serrano chili 1 top Ginger Ale Lemon wedge Mint leaves (optional) Ice STEPS: Add the slices of seedless serrano. Add lemon juice and Santo […]


Ingredients 2 oz Clamato 1 1/2 oz Mezcal Santo Gusano Green chili (one small piece, of your choice) 1/2 oz lemon juice Sal de gusano (Worm salt) 10 ml Maggi sauce 10 ml Worcestershire sauce 1 beer Steps Place the following ingredients in a shaker: Clamato, mezcal, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, Maggi sauce, a small […]


Ingredients 2 oz. Green Grape 4 celery leaves 1 oz. lemon juice 1 ¼ oz. Agave honey ½ oz. Mezcal Santo Gusano Garnishing: Lemon slice Steps 1.- Macerate all solid ingredients. 2.- Pour the mix into the mixing glass, add the mezcal and stir vigorously. 3.- Pour into a glass with ice. 4.- Garnish with […]



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